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One of the two positions announced below is for research
at the intersection of (see further particulars):

a. Computer science logic including category theory
In particular, the use of high-level structures for the
describtion of physical processes, monoidal categories
and their graphical languages, as well as categories as
a foundation.

b. Fundamentals of quantum physics including non-locality
This may include the structure of quantum-classical interaction,
the interaction of quantum and space-time structure, and
structures for novel QIP-architectures such as MBQC.

ADVERT: Two postdocs in Quantum Nanoscience Theory: Fundamental physics and high-level structures.

The two postdoctoral researchers in the theory of quantum information and technologies will be appointed to work jointly in Singapore and in Oxford, UK. The researchers will be employed by the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) in Singapore, but will spend up to 10 months each year working in the University of Oxford. The appointments are for 3 years, and form part of a larger initiative on quantum nanoscience. The annual salary is up to $86,000 Singapore dollars (approx. $63,800) plus housing benefits. Each individual will be supervised by two of the following researchers: Simon Benjamin, Bob Coecke, Dieter Jaksch, Vlatko Vedral. The posts are available immediately and will be advertised until they are filled. It is hoped that the appointees will be in post on or before the 4th Jan 2011. For more information including further particulars and selection criteria please email Irene Tan <irene....@nus.edu.sg>.

Further particulars:

Selection criteria:

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