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Dear all,

We would like to announce the availability of our Theoretical Computer Science paper on types for dynamical multiparty interactions in service- oriented computing,
selected for the ESOP 2009 special issue:

Conversation Types
Luís Caires and Hugo Torres Vieira

We present a type theory for analyzing concurrent multiparty interactions as found in service-oriented computing. Our theory introduces a novel and flexible type structure, able to uniformly describe both the internal and the interface behavior of systems, referred respectively as choreographies and contracts in web- services terminology. The notion of conversation builds on the fundamental concept of session, but generalizes it along directions up to now unexplored; in particular, conversation types discipline interactions in conversations while accounting for dynamical join and leave of an unanticipated number of participants. We prove that well-typed systems never violate the prescribed conversation constraints. We also present techniques to ensure progress of systems involving several interleaved conversations, a previously open problem. Although our theory of conversation types is developed for the Conversation Calculus, we show that it is applicable as well to more fundamental models, namely the pi- Calculus
extended with labeled communication.



Best regards,
Hugo Torres Vieira and Luís Caires

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