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Postdoctoral position in concurrency/parallel programming/verification
at Penn State

The Programming Languages Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University
(http://www.cse.psu.edu/~swarat) is seeking a postdoctoral fellow in the
areas of  Parallel Programming and Concurrency, for work on a joint
research project with the Habanero Multicore Software research group at
Rice University (http://habanero.rice.edu).

The researcher will be based at Penn State (located at University Park,
Pennsylvania) and be jointly mentored by Prof. Swarat Chaudhuri (Penn State)
and Prof. Vivek Sarkar (Rice). The position is for two years, but can be
potentially renewed.

The ideal applicant would have a passion for bringing together theory
and practice, an interest in concurrency and parallelism, and deep expertise
in one of the following areas:

* Program verification and synthesis. We would benefit from expertise in
any of the three main approaches to verification/synthesis: abstract
interpretation (e.g., concurrent shape analysis), model checking (e.g.,
checking of concurrent programs), and deductive reasoning (e.g., axiomatic
reasoning about memory models).  *** If you have a background in
verification but have not previously worked on concurrency, please still
consider applying. ***

* Models and semantics of concurrency and parallelism (e.g., parallel
functional programming, software transactions).

* Parallel compilers and runtime systems.

To be considered for this position, please send a CV and a brief
statement of interest to Swarat Chaudhuri (swarat at cse.psu.edu).

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