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                          SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS

                                TAMC 2011
8th Annual Conference on Theory and Applications of Models of Computation
                    May 23 -- 25, 2011, Tokyo, Japan

                     EMAIL: tamc2...@easychair.org

    After six annual  meetings in  China ('04-'09)  and one in  Czech
    Republic ('10), TAMC2011 will be held in Japan, at the University
    of Electro-Communications,  approximately  10  miles southwest of
    the Shinjuku district in Tokyo.


TAMC aims at bringing together a wide range of researchers with interests
in  computational  models and their applications.  The main themes of the
conference are computability, complexity, and  algorithms.  The topics of
interest include (but are not limited to):

- algebraic computation,
- approximation algorithms,
- automata theory,
- biological computing,
- circuit complexity,
- computability,
- computational biology,
- computational complexity,
- computational game theory,
- computational logic,
- computational geometry,
- cryptography,
- data structures,
- distributed algorithms,
- graph algorithms,
- information and randomness,
- learning theory,
- natural computation,
- network algorithms,
- neural computational models,
- online algorithms,
- parallel algorithms,
- proof complexity,
- quantum computing,
- randomized algorithms,
- streaming algorithms.


Submission is through EasyChair:


A submission must be typeset with LaTeX using the Springer-Verlag Lecture
Notes style.  Its length must be no more than ten pages. A clearly marked
appendix may be added, but  it  will  be  read at  the discretion  of PC.
Submission  of  papers  accepted  for  publication  in  journals  is  not
permitted.  Nor is  simultaneous submission  to  other  conferences  with
published proceedings.


The conference proceedings will be published as a volume in Lecture Notes
in Computer Science.


A special issue of selected papers from  TAMC2011 in Theoretical Computer
Science is being planned.  Another TAMC special issue may be published in
Mathematical Structures in Computer Science.


    Tetsuo Asano (JAIST, Japan)
    Richard Lipton (Georgia Tech., USA)


    Olaf Beyersdorff (Hannover, Germany)
    Cristian Calude (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Amit Chakrabarti (Hanover, USA)
    Danny Chen (Notre Dame, USA)
    Zhi-Zhong Chen (Tokyo, Japan)
    Marek Chrobak (Riverside, USA)
    Pierluigi Crescenzi (Firenze, Italy)
    William Gasarch (College Park, USA)
    Tero Harju (Turku, Finland)
    Miki Hermann (Palaisseau, France)
    Sanjay Jain (Singapore, Singapore)
    Ming-Yang Kao (Chicago, USA)
    S Rao Kosaraju (Baltimore, USA)
    Carlos Martin Vide (Tarragona, Spain)
    Peter Bro Miltersen (Aarhus, Denmark)
    Mitsunori Ogihara, chair (Miami, USA)
    Ruediger Reischuk (Luebeck, Germany)
    Christian Sohler (Dortmund, Germany)
    Jun Tarui, co-chair (Tokyo, Japan)
    Takeshi Tokuyama (Sendai, Japan)
    Chee-Keng Yap (New York, USA)


    Manindra Agrawal (Kanpur, India)
    Jin-Yi Cai (Madison, USA)
    S. Barry Cooper (Leeds, UK)
    John Hopcroft (Ithaca, USA)
    Angsheng Li (Beijing, China)


    Submission Deadline           Jan. 10, '11
    Notification of Acceptance    Feb. 18, '11
    Final Version Due             Mar. 7, '11
    Early Registration Deadline   Mar. 28, '11

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