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                    THIRD SPECIAL ISSUE ON

               Extended deadline: March, 15 2011


                   CALL FOR PAPERS

  Contributions on the topic of Classical Logic and Computation are
  invited for a special issue of Annals of Pure and Applied Logic.

  On August 22, 2010, CL&C 2011, the third workshop on "Classical Logic
  and Computation" took place in Brno - Czech Republic, as a satellite
  meeting of MFCS/CSL 2010, and a joint workshop with PECP.CL&C covered
  a broad range of works aiming to explore computational aspects of
  classical proofs, using tools from type theory and proof theory and
  lambda calculus and constructive semantics. This special issue is
  first of all set up for extended versions of papers presented at the
  workshop, but the call is open to all researchers.

  Topics of interest for contributions to the journal issue
  include, but are not limited to:
     - type theory and lambda calculi for classical logic,
     - programming language design inspired by the former
     - examples of witness extraction from classical proofs,
     - constructive semantics of classical logic (game semantics,
       realization semantics, CPS translations ..)

  Submissions must be original work which has not been previously
  published in a journal and is not being considered for publication
  elsewhere. If related material has appeared in a refereed conference
  proceedings, the manuscript submitted should be substantially more
  complete or otherwise different.

  Deadline for the submission of a title page
  indicating the intent to submit: February 15, 2011

***Deadline for paper submission: March 15, 2011 (Extended dealine)***

  The title page must include: full title, authors' full names and
  affiliations, and the address to which correspondence and proofs
  should be sent. Where possible, e-mail address and telephone number
  should be included. This should be followed by an abstract of
  approximately 300 words and five keywords for indexing.

  All source files of the final versions of the accepted papers
  must respect the format of APAL. In order to make a submission,
  please follow the instructions at


  Please upload a .pdf file to the following easychair link


  Guest editors:

  Steffen van Bakel, Imperial College London, UK
  Stefano Berardi, Universita` di Torino, Italy
  Ulrich Berger, Swansea University, UK

  Contact: s.vanba...@imperial.ac.uk

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