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=========================== FIRE =============================== 

                                 Formal and Interdisciplinary methods in 
Resilience Engineering

                                                           23-25 May 2011

                                                  A research School organised by
                        The Centre for Interdisciplinary Computational and 
Dynamical Analysis (CICADA)
                                                  University of Manchester, UK

                                           Part of MaDe: Manchester 
Dependability Week

“Safety is the sum of events that do not occur. While accident research has 
focussed on that occurred and 
try to understand why, safety research should focus on the accidents that did 
not occur and try to understand why”
                                                          `` Resilience 
Engineering: concepts and precepts"

=========================== Structure =============================== 

 1 Course  +  5  tutorials  +  2 lectures:
Course  on ``Probabilistic Model Checking”
      By Prof. Joost-Pieter Katoen ;  Duration: 4 hours 
Tutorial on ``Probabilistic Models and Tools for Information Security Decisions”
      By Prof.  Aad van Moorsel ;  Duration: 2 hours, 
Tutorial on ``Introduction to object-oriented Modeling and Simulation with 
Modelica using OpenModelica”
      By Dr.  Mohsen Torabzadeh-Tari ;  Duration: 2 hours, 
Tutorial on ``Solving discrete time control systems under severe uncertainty 
using imprecise probabilities”
      By Prof.  Matthias Troffaes ;  Duration: 2 hours,
Tutorial on ``Algorithmic Game Theory”
      By Prof. Anna Philippou ;  Duration: 2 hours,

Lecture on ``The Road to Resilience: Autonomy, Fault Tolerance, Verification”

        By Dr. Manuela Bujorianu ;  Duration:  1 hour,  
Lecture on ``Resilience Engineering: A Quick Tour”

        By Dr. Manuela Bujorianu ;  Duration:  1 hour,  
Tutorial on ``Steering Computer Simulation Of Physical Systems”

        By Prof. John Brook ;  Duration:  2 hours,  

=========================== Organisation =============================== 

Contact: Manuela Bujorianu, John Brooke and Helen Harper - CICADA;

Place and time:
    9.30 am - 5.00 pm 
    Frank Adams rooms, Alan Turing Building, Manchester University
    Registration website will be open soon. Registration fee will be around 
30GBP. Payment can be also made at the site. The phD students can apply for fee 
waiving grant. If you would like to register your interest in the event, please 
contact Helen Harper (Helen.Harper at Manchester.ac.uk) in the first instance.
    There are several hotels near to the Alan Turing Building. Please consult 
the school webpage for details.

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