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It is the great pleasure of the European Association for Programming Languages 
and Systems to announce the outcome of the EAPLS Best Dissertation Award 2010 

This award is given to the PhD student who has made the most original and 
influential contribution to the area of Programming Languages and Systems, and 
has graduated in the period up to November 2010 at a European academic 
institute. The purpose of the award is to draw attention to excellent work, to 
help the career of the student in question, and to promote the research field 
as a whole.

The winner of this first edition of the EAPLS Dissertation Award is

    Dr. Alexey Gotsman
    Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge

for his dissertation on

    Logics and analyses for concurrent heap-manipulating programs

The winner was selected by a committee of international experts. Details on the 
procedure can be found at http://eapls.org/pages/phd_award/. The candidate 
theses were judged on originality, impact, relevance, and quality of writing.

The jury concluded unanimously that Dr. Gotsman's dissertation is an 
outstanding piece of work; it received the best marks amidst some very strong 
contenders. A summary of the jury's findings:

+ Program logic and analysis are two related fields, but here they are unified 
at a very deep level, and the author presents important results in both fields. 
The subject is very difficult and very relevant, and the author masters it all.

+ The breadth and depth of the dissertation are excellent; it provides the 
reader with a competent and intriguing overview of this interesting field of 

+ The quality of the publication venues (PoPL, SAS, PLDI) and the impact of the 
work, measured by the number of citations, are impressive.

+ The dissertation is very well written.

We offer Dr. Gotsman our heartfelt congratulations with his achievement. We are 
confident that it will be a sign of a long and distinguished scientific career.

European Association for Programming Languages and Systems

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