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Again we will teach an "Applied Functional Programming Summer in Haskell" 
school this year at Utrecht University. In the previous two occasions students 
were all very happy with the school and we plan to repeat this success this 

The intended audience are prospective master students who have been in contact 
with Functional Programming, e.g. by taking a general course on programming 
languages, and want to learn more about Haskell and its typical programming 
patterns. In the previous two years we have taught an introductory part 
(advanced bachelor level), an advanced part (beginning master level) and a 
shared part for both groups. Topics covered are, besides some examples of 
domain specific languages, also monads, monad transformers, arrows, parser 
combinators and self-analysing programs, underlying principles, type 
inferencing, etc. Half of the course time is spent on a larger programming 
exercise; you can also come with a problem of your own if you want, and get 
help from the Utrecht University Software Technology group in finding the 
proper Haskell idioms, tools and libraries, for solving it.

Important links: 
  -- our own page where we supply information based on questions asked 
  -- the poster you can print and hang somewhere (why not your office door): 
  -- the official summerschool site where you can register: 

Furthermore we ask for your cooperation to bring this announcement under the 
attention of potential participants.

 Doaitse Swierstra

PS: apologies if you get this mail more than once

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