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                      CALL FOR PAPERS
                         Domains XI

International workshop on domain theory and applications
September 8-10 2014, Universite Paris Diderot, Paris, France


The Workshop on Domains is aimed at computer scientists and mathematicians alike who share an interest in the mathematical foundations of computation. Previous meetings were held in Swansea(2011), Brighton (2008), Novosibirsk (2007), Darmstadt (2004, 1999, 1994), Birmingham (2002), Siegen (1998), Munich (1997), and Braunschweig (1996).

* Topics of interaction with domain theory for this workshop include, but are not limited to:

    program semantics
    program logics
    probabilistic computation
    exact computation over the real numbers
    lambda calculus
    models of sequential computation
    constructive mathematics
    recursion theory
    real analysis and computability
    topology, metric spaces and domains
    idempotent analysis and domains
    locale theory
    category theory
    topos theory
    type theory

A special emphasis will be put on the following topics:

    quasi-polish spaces
    quantitative aspects in semantics

* The invited speakers are:

    Matthew deBrecht (NICT, Japan)
    Alberto Carraro (Ca' Foscari, Italy)
    Martin Escardo (Birmingham, UK)
    Jean Goubault-Larrecq (LSV, ENS Cachan)
    John Longley (LFCS, Scotland)
    Christine Tasson (PPS, Paris Diderot)
    Glynn Winskel (Cambridge, UK)

* Submission procedure:

Authors are invited to submit an abstract (1 or 2 pages) on Easychair:

Presentations about ongoing work are welcome.

We plan to publish proceedings of the workshop in a journal. There will be a call for papers after the workshop. The papers will be refereed according to normal publication standards.

Submissions will be considered until June 15th.

Shortly after an abstract is submitted, the authors will be notified by the programme committee. The criterion for acceptance is relevance to the meeting. In particular, talks on subjects presented at other conferences and workshops are acceptable.

* The Programme Committee consists of:

    Andrej Bauer (Ljubjiana)
    Antonio Bucciarelli (co-chair, PPS)
    Thomas Ehrhard (co-chair, PPS)
    Jean Goubault-Larrecq (ENS Cachan)
    Achim Jung (Birmingham)
    Klaus Keimel (Darmstadt)
    Gordon Plotkin (Edinburgh)
    Sam Staton (Cambridge)

Local organizers: Christine Tasson and Daniele Varacca (PPS)

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