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Call for Participation: Workshop on the Future of Alloy

Location: MIT, Cambridge, MA
Date & duration: April 30 & May 1, 2018
Registration & logistics: http://alloy.mit.edu/workshop

The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers and users of Alloy, 
share their perspectives, and formulate short/long-term agendas for improving 
the language & its tools. Participants from both industry and academia are 

We hope to encourage discussions on the following topics (and others, suggested 
by participants):

- Extensions: What’s not so easy to express in Alloy, and what language 
extensions could we make? What are some alternative backends that we could 
explore (e.g., SMT)? 
- Benchmarks: How do we collect and share models built by users over the years? 
What kind of infrastructure do we need?
- Usability: What are some obstacles preventing a wider adoption of Alloy? What 
usability improvements could we make?
- Education: How do we teach Alloy to students and practitioners? What 
education materials could we develop and share among teachers?

Call for presentations: The content of the workshop will be driven largely by 
participants’ ideas about improving Alloy. To stimulate discussion, we are 
soliciting short 10~15 min talks from attendees. Topics for a talk may include 
(but not limited to): Your own positive/negative experiences with Alloy, ideas 
for improvement, a demo of your tool, or calls for community-wide effort. If 
you are interested in giving a talk, please fill out the relevant items in the 
registration form, linked from the workshop website:


Please share this announcement with other colleagues or students who may also 
be interested in attending the workshop. Looking forward to seeing you at the 

Eunsuk Kang, Sarfraz Khurshid, and Emina Torlak (Program co-chairs)
Daniel Jackson (General chair)​

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