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Call For Papers

Int. Workshop on External and Internal Calculi for Non Classical Logics
(EICNCL 2018)

Oxford, UK, 19 July 2018

(affiliated with IJCAR 2018 in FLOC 2018)


Deadline for submission: 23 April 2018
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A one day workshop on External and Internal Calculi for Non Classical
Logics will be held the 19 July 2018 in conjunction with the IJCAR 2018
Conference during FLOC 2018 in Oxford, UK.

The purpose of this workshop would be to discuss recent results on
analytic (external or internal) calculi for non-classical logics like
intuitionistic, modal, epistemic logics, conditional logics,
substructural, resouce logics, and other logical systems.
Among some key points we can mention the relationships between
internal and external calculi for such logics and also their use for
studying proof-search, automated deduction (proof-theory and
implementation) and also logical properties like decidability,
conservativity, axiomatisations and interpolation.

The workshop is intended to provide a forum for discussion between
researchers interested in topics  including, but not limited to, the
following areas:

- External and internal calculi for non-classical logics
- Relationships and embeddings (translations) between calculi,
  interactions between syntax and semantics
- New calculi for studying problems like decidability, conservativity
  and interpolation
- Proof-search and countermodel generation
- Methodologies and tools for translations between calculi
- Implementations of analytic calculi, proof assistants

We envisage a range of perspectives: proof-theoretic foundations,
including decidability and complexity; model-theoretic, including
semantic foundations (e.g., new semantics), modelling and verification
of programs and systems.


Researchers interested in presenting their works are invited to submit
an extended abstract (up to 10 pages)  through Easychair :
by 23 April 2018.

Papers will be reviewed by peers, typically members of
the Programme Committee.

A Special Issue of a Journal on these topics is expected
after the workshop.


J. Brotherston (University College, London, UK)
A. Ciabattoni (TU Vienna, Austria - co-chair)
D. Galmiche (Lorraine University, CNRS, LORIA, France - co-chair)
R. Goré (Australian National University, Australia)
D. Larchey-Wendling (Lorraine University, CNRS, LORIA, France)
G. Metcalfe (University of Bern, Switzerland)
S. Negri  (University of Helsinki, Finland)
N. Olivetti (LSIS, Aix-Marseille University, France - co-chair)
J. Otten (University of Oslo, Norway)
V. de Paiva (Nuance communications, USA)
R. Ramanayake (TU  Vienna, Austria - co-chair)
K. Sano (Hokkaido University, Japan)
L. Santocanale (LIF, Aix-Marseille University, France)
S. Smets (ILLC, Amsterdam University, Netherlands)
L. Vigano (King's College London, UK)


Submission deadline:  23 April 2018
Notification to authors: 9 May 2018
Final versions due: 21 May 2018
Workshop date: 19 July 2018

Additional information will be available through WWW address:

The workshop is co-organized by A. Ciabattoni, R. Ramanayake (TU
Vienna), N. Olivetti (LSIS, Aix-marseille University) and D. Galmiche
(LORIA - Lorraine University)

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