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I'd be really grateful if you could pass this on to folks who might be interested, and apologies for multiple copies!

I'm pleased to announce two 2.5 year postdoc openings in my research group at Imperial (closing date for both posts is 30 March 2018):

- One is on "Programming Language and System Support for High-Performance Data Processing", and is joint with my colleague Dr Jana Giceva.  We want to investigate novel intermediate representation for flexible yet high-performance data processing on modern accelerators, together with surrounding compiler, runtime and verification support.  The breadth of the project allows for some flexibility in the profile of applicants; e.g. candidates with a background in one of high performance computing, operating systems, compilers, or formal verification / testing could be a good fit for the project.

- The other is on "Security Analysis for Graphics Drivers".  It is partly a collaboration with the Google Chrome GPU team, and will focus on using novel testing techniques to find defects in graphics drivers (and the components of web browsers and operating systems that interface with graphics drivers) that may pose a security threat.  I wrote a short blog post about this work (https://medium.com/@afd_icl/security-analysis-of-graphics-drivers-14214a2d3189) and it also relates to some work my group have been doing for a while on automated testing for graphics shader compilers.  This position would be a great fit for someone with a compilers background, or with a testing/verification/security background. Equally, the position would be well-suited to someone with expertise in real-time graphics rendering who is keen to learn about reliability and security issues.

Both are postdoc posts, but I'll consider excellent pre-doc candidates too.

Links to the adverts are at the top of my group page:


Please get in touch if these interest you and you'd like to chat informally.


Ally Donaldson

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