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    Session on Composable mathematical software

  at the

  International Congress on Mathematical Software - ICMS 2018 -

  University of Notre Dame, 24-27 July 2018
    We invite submissions of short abstracts (deadline: APRIL 14) and extended 
abstracts (deadline: APRIL 21) for our session
  "Towards Composable Mathematical Software".
  We welcome submissions about work in progress, theoretical results,
  experimental results, and software demos.

  Accepted short abstracts will be presented at the congress.
  Accepted extended abstracts will additionally appear in the conference 
    If you would like to submit an abstract, please follow the guidelines at
  http://icms-conference.org/2018/submission-guidelines/. If you have any 
  please contact the session organisers by email.
Session description:

  There is a wealth of mathematical software available today, most of which are
  free and open-source, but very specialised: for example nauty for graph
  isomorphism, Singular for polynomials, Pari for number theory. Additionally
  there are databases of objects like the OEIS, or the Small Group Library.
    In contemporary mathematics research, we use and combine these specialised
  tools, which requires domain-specific knowledge, data access and conversion,
  and low-level programming for interfacing between them.

  This is tedious, error-prone, and does not scale: Addressing the demand for
  better composability there are huge software packages like SageMath, data
  description languages like OpenMath, and RPC mechanisms like SCSCP.

  The aim of this session is to provide a forum for developers and users of
  mathematical software with an interest in composablity and interoperability 
  and knowledge and data exchange between systems, to share experiences, 
  and a vision for the future.

   * Markus Pfeiffer, St. Andrews University, markus.pfeif...@st-andrews.ac.uk
   * Florian Rabe, FAU Erlangen-N├╝rnberg, florian.r...@fau.de
   * Nicolas Thiery, LRI Paris, nicolas.thi...@u-psud.fr

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