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 We're advertising a faculty position in Programming Languages (considered
broadly) at Cambridge:


The Department of Computer Science and Technology, also known as the
University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, is seeking to recruit a new
faculty member at the Lecturer or Senior Lecturer level (analogous to a US
Associate Professor) who can contribute to research and teaching in the
broad area of Programming Languages. This includes (but is not limited to)
Compilation, Program Analysis, Program Transformation, Type Systems,
Semantics, Verification, Security, and Concurrency.

The ideal candidate will have interests ranging from practical applications
to their underlying semantic theory, with the potential to form new
collaborations with Departmental staff across a range of topics, e.g. in
Security, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, and/or Networking.

Notwithstanding the above focus, in exceptional cases we may appoint in any
area of Computer Science.

It is likely that successful candidates will already have a strong track
record in one or more relevant research areas and already have some
postdoctoral experience. Ideally the candidate will also have experience of
teaching and of generating research grant income.

Please pass this on to any likely candidates.



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