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>> Added:
>>   typhon/trunk/typhon/thermodynamics.py
>> * typhon/thermodynamics.py:
>> Currently containing functions related to water vapor and its thermodynamic
>> effects.
> Shouldn't this be part of the physics/ subpackage?

Yes, that's the appropriate place. We'll move them there.

Lukas and me had a discussion on how to handle the functions that require pint. 
We would like to turn the units/pint functionality into a subpackage of 
physics. The idea is that all functions directly under physics are operating on 
SI units without any pint dependency. Functions that do support units should go 
into the units subpackage. For functions in physics, small wrapper functions 
can be added in the units subpackage that use pint to convert the inputs to SI 
units and then call the plain function from the physics package. Is that ok 
with you?


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