Hi Reno,

The error messages you get there don't make sense to me. It finds the api in 
so the ARTS_BUILD_PATH settings seem to be okay. No clue why directly 
afterwards it fails. I have the suspicion that something got mixed up in your 
typhon installation. Also, before rebuilding the documentation after updating 
typhon run 'make clean'. Otherwise sphinx might get confused with leftover 
files from an older build.

Is this the current master branch version of typhon or did you download the 
latest stable release? For the arts-api it is best to use the latest 
development version of typhon since it is a very new and experimental feature.

Try to make a clean installation of typhon with the current github master 

1) Checkout out the latest version (make sure there is no typhon directory in 
the current directory):

git clone https://github.com/atmtools/typhon.git

2) Then install it using pip as a development version. I strongly advise 
against installing python packages with 'python setup.py install' into your 
system path. There is no clean way of getting rid of them again despite 
removing the files manually. Also, on every update of the source code, you need 
to reinstall the package. It is much better to use pip to install it as a 
development version. This way only a link to your source directory is created 
in the python site-packages directory and you can be sure that you're always 
using the current checked out version of typhon. The --user option is also a 
good way to not mess with your system installation. It installs the package 
into your home directory.

In the typhon directory run:

pip install --user --no-deps -e .

Then, outside the typhon directory run:

python3 -c "import typhon;print(typhon.__path__)"

This should output the path to the directory where you cloned the typhon 

Hope this helps.


P.S.: The best way to keep a clean Python installation is to use the Anaconda 
Platform. It gives you a way to install a complete Python environment in a 
standalone directory, provides a very good package manager and comes with 
hundreds of prebuilt packages. The command-line installer is very easy to use. 
And the conda package manager makes it easy to keep your python installation up 
to date. Maybe give it a try: https://www.anaconda.com/download/

> On 12 Mar 2018, at 16:05, Reno Choi <renoc...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> While pretty new to both arts and typhon, let alone python, and I'm trying to 
> make Typhon working with my Arts.
> Installing Typhon through "python setup.py install" (seems successful) from 
> Github repository, following error message appears for building documents, 
> $ cd doc
> $ make html
> sphinx-build -b html -d _build/doctrees   . _build/html
> Running Sphinx v1.6.3
> loading pickled environment... not yet created
> [autosummary] generating autosummary for: developer.rst, faq.rst, 
> faq/atm_fields_compact_construction.rst, faq/import_without_x_server.rst, 
> index.rst, modules.rst, tutorials.rst, tutorials/collocations.rst, 
> tutorials/dataset.rst, tutorials/handlers.rst, ..., typhon.math.rst, 
> typhon.oem.rst, typhon.physics.rst, typhon.physics.units.rst, 
> typhon.plots.cm.rst, typhon.plots.rst, typhon.spareice.rst, 
> typhon.spectroscopy.rst, typhon.trees.rst, typhon.utils.rst
> Failed to import 'typhon.spareice.handlers.cloudsat': no module named 
> typhon.spareice.handlers.cloudsat
> Failed to import 'typhon.datasets': no module named typhon.datasets
> Failed to import 'typhon.datasets.dataset': no module named 
> typhon.datasets.dataset
> Failed to import 'typhon.datasets.model': no module named 
> typhon.datasets.model
> Failed to import 'typhon.datasets.tovs': no module named typhon.datasets.tovs
> Loading ARTS API from: 
> /Users/reno/OneDrive/Models/arts-2.2.64/build/build/Debug/src/libarts_api.so
> Exception occurred:
>   File 
> "/Users/reno/anaconda3/lib/python3.6/site-packages/typhon/arts/workspace/api.py",
>  line 52, in <module>
>     + "Did you install it?")
> OSError: Could not find ARTS API in your ARTS build path. Did you install it?
> The full traceback has been saved in 
> /var/folders/f1/2flhkrrj7f739kk364dqx1l80000gn/T/sphinx-err-25q9_o1s.log, if 
> you want to report the issue to the developers.
> Please also report this if it was a user error, so that a better error 
> message can be provided next time.
> A bug report can be filed in the tracker at 
> <https://github.com/sphinx-doc/sphinx/issues>. Thanks!
> make: *** [html] Error 1
> There are two issues according to the message above,
> 1. It searches "libarts_api.so" in my ARTS_BUILD_PATH (from 
> "../typhon/arts/workspace/api.py", which presumably requires more recent 
> version of Arts;
> 2. In "api.py" (line 52), only searches ARTS_BUILD_PATH (e.g. ../arts/build/) 
> + src/ while ARTS_BUILD_PATH for mac osx is in ../arts/build/build/Debug, 
> which I may be able to modify. 
> Reno

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