What actually this information says? What for is it?
Time by time we receive errors in TYPO3 installations and than the
following message appears.

Clicking on the "online" link leads you to the wiki and lots of empty pages
- actually we found until now no page which really had information on it.

In this case in a government package installation for testing and

The complete message in this case is:

> Oops, an error occurred!
> TYPO3 Fatal Error: Extension key "file_list" is NOT loaded!
> More information regarding this error might be available 
> online<http://typo3.org/go/exception/v4/1270853878>
> .
It appears after calling a folder i.e. "templates" which exists under
A look into the extension manager tells you that the file_list module is
loaded and you can check also in the new localConfiguration.php file.

Here it says 'filelist' => 'a:0:{}',

'file_list' does not exist and we don't know why the error pops up in the
backend when 'file_list' is actually a frontend plugin.

We did a search on t3o with 5649 extensions and found the extension key

'file_list' by Moreno Feltscher - January 30, 2010 (last update)
> This extension provides a frontend plugin which shows a list of files and
> folders in a specified directory on the file system (comparable to
> Apaches directory listing).

So back to the WIKI and its blank pages -

What for is it and what information should you be able to get here?
How can the blank pages be improved? i.e. is there a way to enter
information or at least some information about the error itself and where
and how it appeared.
What should be the difference between this WIKI and the bugtracker?

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