I found the answer myself. This Topic can be closed.

You can solve that Problem with Typoscript on the PageTS Config of the Root Page. You configure the Rich Text Editor depending on your needs.
In my case I wanted an attribute "onclick" to not be removed after saving in 

Simply add this Code to PageTS:

RTE.default.proc.entryHTMLparser_db = 1
RTE.default.proc.entryHTMLparser_db.tags.a.allowedAttribs = onclick
RTE.default.proc.exitHTMLparser_db = 1
RTE.default.proc.exitHTMLparser_db.keepNonMatchedTags = 1
RTE.default.proc.exitHTMLparser_db.htmlSpecialChars = 0

In case you want more attributes to be added just put them after "onclick" 
seperated by comma.

Now Im able to save my onclick attributes with RTE.
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