On 09/10/2016 13:57, Brandon Walsh wrote:
Now I get an HTTP 500 error! I think this may be related to Apache or
PHP rather than to Typo3 directly, but perhaps someone here could point
me in the right direction of where to find a solution to this issue? I
have googled and found lots of suggestions but nothing has worked for me
so far. Where would you start to solve this problem?

Usually there is more information in the apache error log. In the apache configuration it should be listed where it should write errors to (possibly per domain a different log).

It's no use guessing what may be wrong on such a general error number. It could that the memory limit is too low, PHP modules missing, missing apache modules, and many other things.

If you try to access the site again and look at the same time in the error log what is added then people might help you further with the specific problem.

Jigal van Hemert
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