On 08/10/2016 14:44, gabriele piccini wrote:
I'm a noob about typo3 CMS.. I'm in to understand how it works.
My intention is to create a website for photography hence I need some
galleries and slides..
In the extension module I found some gallery extensions but after
installed one the system was not more accessible. Not knowing what to do
I reinstalled everything.
After, when I was looking for that extension into the extension part of
the website of typo3 I found it was outdated ( it was for an older
version of  typo3). Why the extension module didn't block me if I have
an newer version??

It really depends on the TYPO3 version to what extend the version checks are done. In 7 LTS the checks are quite thorough: you won't see extensions in the "Get extensions" section of the Extension Manager that are not compatible with your release. If dependencies (TYPO3 version, PHP, other extensions) are not met you'll see a dialogue that it's not compatible and that you can install it if you know how to solve problems.

In earlier versions the checks were less strict or sometimes missing. This was mainly caused because those dependencies were only made mandatory for extensions in TER a few years ago. For the recent TYPO3 version all compatible extensions have their dependencies set and we could finally have strict checks.

For older TYPO3 versions you can always search in TER on the typo3.org website (https://typo3.org/extensions/repository/ ) and read from the description if the version is compatible. The latest upload date may sometimes give you further information.

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