Hello dear Developers

I am about porting an Extention from T3-6.2 to T3-7.6+

in the original EXT I have used a Hook in case a record is copied the
increase some value:

function processDatamap_preProcessFieldArray(
        &$fieldArray, $table, $id, &$reference
) {
    // make sure only my table in handeled
   if($table != "tx_myext_table") return;

    // t3_origuid is set? Yes, ist a Copy
   if(isset($fieldArray['t3_origuid'])) {

I translated this to this 7.6 Hook-Call

public function processDatamap_preProcessFieldArray(
   &$fieldArray, $table, $id,
   \TYPO3\CMS\Core\DataHandling\DataHandler &$pObj
) {
   // do the same stuff as in 6.2
   // BUT...

BUT: How can I tell exactly this record is a COPY?
the field 't3_origuid' seems not to be existing anymore.

one try:

if(strpos(key($pObj->datamap['tx_myext_table']), 'NEW') === 0) {
        // do the stuff to be done

But this seems not to work and a really NEW record would be catched, too....

If you know a hook to use for this case in T3 7.6+ please let me know.

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