Hi Luca,

you should at first of all be sure to be able to run the mysql database on your 

I would do it like that

1. download the mysql Database from source system.
2. Install this dump on your new system
3. In the mysql database create an new User/password to access the database
4. Check that your user can access the database
5…. rund the first install and go ahead

if everything is ok, you can run build up the database, copy the filesystem…

If you do not access to the database…. bad. You cannot goon.

Let me tell you that it is only the second but best idea to use a windows 
system as server…. (just my 2 cent)

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> Am 22.02.2018 um 11:34 schrieb Luca Naso Rappis <luca.nasorap...@softeco.it>:
> Hi Christian, thanks a lot for your answer.
> The steps you described are the ones that I followed, in particular now I 
> have this situation:
> - I have the htdocs folder with inside the folders typo3 (just extracted and 
> not installed) and mysite (see htdocs.png) that is the structure you 
> suggested right?
> - Into mysite folder I have the files you listed (you can see the details in 
> mysite.png). In particular I copied the folders: fileadmin, static, 
> typo3conf, typo3temp, uploads and .htaccess from the files they gave us. 
> After i created the three symlinks in order to point to typo3 in the above 
> folder.
> - Regarding the DB, they gave me an sql script to execute in order to create 
> it (under mysql), and inside mysite/typo3conf/LocalConfiguration that I 
> copied I found the DB details. The only one thing I did was to execute this 
> script and to create under my db the user/password they put into DB details 
> with grants for this DB (is this ok?). For this reason I didn't run the 
> Regarding the uppercase you said, at the moment we haven't access to the 
> backend (we still don't have accounts of the db) so I can't check..but the 
> frontend is still missing images/content (the browser url redirect for 
> example to mysite/about but for all url it says "The requested URL /about/ 
> was not found on this server.").
> Do you have further suggestions?
> Thanks a lot again :)
> Luca
> <htdocs.png><mysite.png>

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