Hi Stephan,

thank you for your detailed and instructive reply, in particular the link to the rendering process chart. I'm sorry, though, you found my example too long since I really tried to break down my actual problem into a minimum working example, trying to use self-explaining object names.

Anyway, I'm not convinced that isTrue evaluates to true just due to some placholder strings for non-cacheable objects since I get exactly the same output when either

a) replacing the COA_INTs with plain COAs and/or
b) entirely removing the TEXT object from the supposedly empty COA(_INT).

(And yes, I did clear the cache after applying those changes... ;)

It seems that if.isTrue.cObject < some COA(_INT) always yields true, no matter whether the content array is cacheable or not and/or does contain anything at all. So... is there any way to use COA(_INT)s in conditional typoscript expressions and make decisions based on whether they render as empty or non-empty string?

Cheers --


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