We have a MIPS-4KEC based SoC and running an older version of U-Boot (1.1.3)
on it. It is working perfectly fine.
Board has 8MB AMD flash and starting address of that flash is 0xBFC00000
(reset vector for MIPS).

Problem is that we are not able to access full 8MB of flash. Only 0xBFC00000
- 0xBFFFFFFF (4MB) is accessible, as it lies in un-mapped, un-cached region
of MIPS.
>From 0xC0000000 lies in mapped memory area of MIPS.

Now my questions are, creating entry in TLBs is sufficient to access rest of
4MB of flash?
Is their any interface provided in U-boot to update TLB?

Chetan Nanda
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