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On Tuesday, November 04, 2014 at 11:50:29 AM, Peng Fan wrote:
在 11/4/2014 6:33 PM, Marek Vasut 写道:
On Tuesday, November 04, 2014 at 08:50:00 AM, Peng Fan wrote:
Include a weak function board_ehci_usb_mode to gives board code
a choice.

What choice?

If the board want the otg port work in host mode but not
device mode, this should be handled.


Also, isn't usb_phy_enable() supposed to do exactly this kind of
selection between device and host mode ?

In mx6sxsabresd board, there are two usb port, one used for otg, the
other used for host. However they are connected to SOC USB controller
otg1 core and otg2 core respectively. Like following:

OTG1 CORE <----> board otg port
OTG2 CORE <----> board host port

However the board do not have ID pin set for board host port. If just
use usb_phy_enable, the board host port will not work, because
"type = usb_phy_enable(index, ehci) ? USB_INIT_DEVICE : USB_INIT_HOST;"
will always set type with USB_INIT_DEVICE.

Because i did not find way to handle this situation in
board/freescale/mx6sxsabresd/mx6sxsabresd.c, add this function to let
board level code handle handle 'type', if board level code want to set
it's own 'type'.

This part in usb_phy_enable()

163         return val & USBPHY_CTRL_OTG_ID;

should be replaced by some kind of a board-specific callback then, with
default implmentation being the above (reading the phy ctrl register).

How about using the following piece of code?
in ehci-mx6.c

unsigned int __weak board_usb_phy_mode(int index, unsigned int val)
        return val & USBPHY_CTRL_OTG_ID;

replace "return val & USBPHY_CTRL_OTG_ID;" using "
return board_usb_phy_mode(index, val);"

In board file,
unsigned int board_usb_phy_mode(int index, unsigned int val)
        if (index == 1)
                return 0; /* HOST */
                return 1; /* DEVICE */

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Marek Vasut

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