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On 05/11/2014 17:36, DaveKucharczyk wrote:
> I'm trying to upgrade u-boot-2009.08 to u-boot-2014.07. 
> Our board is loosely based on the Freescale mx53loco board. I used the old
> board file and config header files and moved them over to new u-boot
> directory. Then using the new api to make changes.
> I'm now trying to figure out how to port and turn on the MMU part below. I
> noticed the below code is not in the new mx53loco board file anymore and
> MMU_ON() doesn't exist either, since include/asm-arm/mmu.h is not included
> in new u-boot. 

Instead of doing this, I think it will be easier if you start from the
current mx53loco nad make the customization for your board. Freescale's
U-Boot (2009.08) and mainline diverged, as well as some internal API.

> So how do I get the same effect? I see arch/arm/cpu/armv8/cache_v8.c and
> arch/arm/lib/cache-cp15.c are the likely candidates?

You do not need to care about that. Cache is activated per default with
mx5/mx6, if you do not explicitely deactivate it in your config file.
You do not need to bother about MMU setup in your board files.

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