Hi Michal,

Michal Simek wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> Stefan Roese wrote:
>> Hi Michal,
>> On Tuesday 25 August 2009 09:02:14 Michal Simek wrote:
>>> I saw you have phy lib in your branch. What is the current state?
>>> Are there any problems? When do you want to add to mainline?
>> IIRC, Jean-Christophe is also working on a PHY lib implementation (port from 
>> the Linux version).
>> Jean-Christophe, what's the current status of this work? I suggest you start 
>> sending ideas/patches for discussion soon, perhaps as RFC in the first stage.
> Ben has it at 
> http://git.denx.de/?p=u-boot/u-boot-net.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/phylib
A while ago I started porting the Linux PHY library to U-boot but got 
distracted.  This branch contains the incomplete, untested work.  I 
suspect JC is further along, so let's see what he comes up with.  This 
is a complicated thing that requires a well-thought-out design, so I 
expect there will be much iteration.

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