Hi Wolfgang,

> > Does anyone out there by chance have a failure case for gcc > 4.0.0,
> > because I can't seem to reproduce the issues others had in the past.
> Do you have an up-to-date patch that can be used for such testing?

I just sent an example patch (ppc: Relocation test patch) that others
can use (or quickly adapt) to test their board using relocation proper.
It'd be great if others could give any feedback on what impact this
patch has on their board.

> > My vote would be to find out which version of gcc contains the
> > relocation bug and spit out an error if gcc < than that version is used.
> Agreed.
> > We could also try and get fancy and dynamically turn on/off relocation
> > support at compile time based on gcc's version if other's wanted to
> > maintain support for older compilers.  These changes would only be for
> > ppc at this point btw.
> I think there would be not  much  lost  if  we  dropped  support  for
> versions before gcc-4.x

I agree.  I believe 3.4.5 or 3.4.6 and later should work, but haven't
tested this hypothesis to any great degree.

I can generate a proper patch if the example patch doesn't break things


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