On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 11:18:18PM -0600, Simon Glass wrote:

> This series moves all the CONFIG_SPL_..._SUPPORT options to Kconfig and
> fixes up existing boards to continue to build.
> It also adds a few small but useful features to moveconfig.
> There is existing work going on in this area, so some of these patches may
> be superseded. It has taken me a while to get this building cleanly. But I
> have run out of time so want to get this out.
> As mentioned on a recent thread [1] there is some confusion about whether an
> option means enabling driver support or media support. Andrew's recent
> series seems like a good vehicle to tidy that up. But I hope this series
> will make it easier.
> NOTE: in the v2 series I have tried to use common things in Kconfig to
> reduce the diffs in the defconfig files. This has helped a fair bit. But it
> is very error-prone and time consuming. Also I have had to add some
> exceptions (disabling an option in specific board configs). Overall it was
> not a pleasant experience :-(
> There are a few strange features of this conversion. The main difficulty is
> that some PowerPC boards do things like this in their board config file:
> This means that TPL reuses the SPL options. We can't support this in Kconfig
> so I have added a small number of CONFIG_TPL_xxx_SUPPORT options to cope
> with this. This made the conversion more painful than it should have been.
> A related issue is boards using a common header file and setting options only
> for SPL:
> This is not noticed by moveconfig so we have to clean it up manually. Also
> there are a few incorrect things where Kconfig options are set with #define:
> Finally, many defconfig files are not ordered correctly, resulting in larger
> patches than we might like. It would be great to have a solution for this,
> perhaps with buildman providing a warning. But it might slow down
> development.
> The series is fully build-tested (for bisectability) and causes no failures
> for the boards that already pass. The following boards fail for me at
> present on mainline (which I have not yet looked at):
> 01: buildman
>   blackfin:  +   cm-bf527 bf609-ezkit bf537-stamp
>      sparc:  +   grsim grsim_leon2 gr_cpci_ax2000 gr_xc3s_1500 gr_ep2s60
>      nios2:  +   10m50 3c120
> microblaze:  +   microblaze-generic
>   openrisc:  +   openrisc-generic
> [1] https://patchwork.ozlabs.org/patch/661511/

This is not totally size neutral.  I've looked over the changes and in
some cases, strings just get resized slightly, and, it happens.  In
other cases, it comes down to the "fun" games I did on am335x to support
network booting in SPL and the size constrains that can be run into
there, along with just including extra stuff.  It all still links, so
I'll clean up that config afterwards.


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