On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 12:21:28PM -0400, Tom Rini wrote:

> Hey all,
> I've released v2016.09 and it's now live on git and FTP and ACD (along
> with PGP sig file).

Mistakes happen, and I'm announcing the release of v2016.09.01.  This
consists of two changes:
- Revert "image-fit: switch ENOLINK to ENOENT"
  As while I want to support OpenBSD hosts, this change broke FIT images
  as in the image checking code we care about ENOLINK and on further
  review we need to think about what to change ENOLINK to so we can be
  sure to handle the different cases here.
- Revert "Increase default of CONFIG_SYS_MALLOC_F_LEN for SPL_OF_CONTROL"
  This increase is too large and causes other problems, and we're still
  discussing things.  I wouldn't have done a release just for this
  change but since I must fix the other problem, I've included this.

As for the first problem, let this be a warning by example of relying
too much on tests without fully reading the logs rather than just
pass/fail.  We have FIT image tests, I ran the FIT image tests but they
weren't checking for success at the end of booting the image.  Now they
will (I posted that the other day).


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