On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 01:31:30PM -0400, Tom Rini wrote:

> Introduce a hidden USB_FUNCTION_DFU Kconfig option and select it for
> CMD_DFU (as we must have the DFU command enabled to do anything DFU).
> Make all of the entries in drivers/dfu/Kconfig depend on CMD_DFU and add
> options for all of the back end choices that DFU can make use of.
> +config DFU_MMC
> +     bool "MMC back end for DFU"
> +     help
> +       This option enables using DFU to read and write to MMC based storage.

          If working with an underlying filesystem rather than raw
          storage you will still need to enable the appropriate write

As in doing local testing of stuff that drove me to scratch this itch I
noticed that CMD_EXT4_WRITE is not set on sunxi.  But I don't think we
should force fat+ext4 write to be enabled simply because DFU_MMC is set.
I should however follow up with adding default y if DFU_MMC to
CMD_EXT4_WRITE and migrate FAT_WRITE to Kconfig as well.


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