Hi Walter,

On 06.09.2016 23:34, Walter Schweizer wrote:
> Synology DS109 is based on MV88F6281. The code
> is based on Dreamplug code with modificatons
> from Synologys open source repository.
> Signed-off-by: Walter Schweizer <s...@users.sourceforge.net>
> ---

I'm trying to apply your patches now but they genera quite a lot
of checkpatch warnings. And it seems that the line ending is
dos style. Using dos2unix it looks better but I still get some
warnings. Like these here:

CHECK: Avoid CamelCase: <MPP0_SPI_SCn>
#184: FILE: board/Synology/ds109/ds109.c:31:
+               MPP0_SPI_SCn,           /* SPI Flash */

CHECK: Avoid CamelCase: <MPP6_SYSRST_OUTn>
#190: FILE: board/Synology/ds109/ds109.c:37:
+               MPP6_SYSRST_OUTn,       /* Reset signal */

CHECK: Avoid CamelCase: <MPP20_SATA1_ACTn>
#204: FILE: board/Synology/ds109/ds109.c:51:
+               MPP20_SATA1_ACTn,

CHECK: Avoid CamelCase: <MPP21_SATA0_ACTn>
#205: FILE: board/Synology/ds109/ds109.c:52:
+               MPP21_SATA0_ACTn,

CHECK: Avoid CamelCase: <boardId>
#268: FILE: board/Synology/ds109/ds109.c:115:
+       unsigned int boardId;

Are you sending via "git send-email"? Could you please run
scripts/checkpatch on your patches and make sure that the patchset
is checkpatch clean?

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