On 08/29/2016 02:16 AM, Shengzhou Liu wrote:
> From: York Sun <york....@nxp.com>
> DDR controller 5.2.1 has this erratum A008511 partially fixed.
> The workaround needs to be adjusted to take advantage of Vref
> training. This patch enables the training and force output
> enable to be off.
> Erratum A009803 requires the controller to be idel before enabling
> address parity. It was combined with workaround for A008511. With
> new A008511 flow, this flow needs to be changed to enabling
> data init (D_INIT) after the address parity is enabled.
> Signed-off-by: York Sun <york....@nxp.com>
> ---

Added your signed-off-by.

Applied to fsl-qoriq master. Awaiting upstream. Thanks.


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