On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 06:09:47PM +0000, york sun wrote:

> Tom,
> The following changes since commit 8cbb389bb3da80cbf8911f8386cbff92c6a78afe:
>    Prepare v2016.09 (2016-09-12 10:05:51 -0400)
> are available in the git repository at:
>    git://git.denx.de/u-boot-fsl-qoriq.git
> for you to fetch changes up to 126fe70d7746d7e60a6331391cab6713368b78dc:
>    armv8: ls1046aqds: Add LS1046AQDS board support (2016-09-14 14:11:10 
> -0700)

NAK.  At least:
   aarch64:  +   ls1012afrdm_qspi
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) Error: You must add new CONFIG options using Kconfig
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) The following new ad-hoc CONFIG options were detected:
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) CONFIG_MMDC_MDASP
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) CONFIG_MMDC_MDCFG0
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) CONFIG_MMDC_MDCFG1
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) CONFIG_MMDC_MDCFG2
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) CONFIG_MMDC_MDCTL
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) CONFIG_MMDC_MDMISC
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) CONFIG_MMDC_MDOR
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) CONFIG_MMDC_MDOTC
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) CONFIG_MMDC_MDPDC
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) CONFIG_MMDC_MDREF
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) CONFIG_MMDC_MDRWD
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) CONFIG_MMDC_MPODTCTRL
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) CONFIG_MMDC_MPZQHWCTRL
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) CONFIG_SYS_FSL_ERRATUM_A010315
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) CONFIG_SYS_FSL_MMDC
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) Please add these via Kconfig instead. Find a suitable 
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) file and add a 'config' or 'menuconfig' option.
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) make[1]: *** [no_new_adhoc_configs_check] Error 1
+(ls1012afrdm_qspi) make: *** [sub-make] Error 2


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