I made these patches on top of my fsl-qoriq master. Once merged,
the ad-hoc config error should not appear. In this set, I start to convert
some options to Kconfig. Please let me know if this is the right solution. I
also convert the MMDC driver to use data structure as you suggested. Do not
apply to your tree. I will request a pull after we agree on them.

[RFC Patch 1/5] armv8: ls1046a: Convert CONFIG_LS1046A to Kconfig
[RFC Patch 2/5] driver: ddr: fsl_mmdc: Pass board parameters through
[RFC Patch 3/5] armv8: ls1012a: Convert CONFIG_LS1012A to Kconfig
[RFC Patch 4/5] Convert CONFIG_SYS_FSL_ERRATUM_A010315 to Kconfig
[RFC Patch 5/5] armv8: ls1046ardb_emmc: Fix a typo in defconfig

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