Hi all, I have two questions about u-boot that I'm struggling with finding
the answer to. The device that I am running u-boot on is the AM3517-EVM.

The first is how do I figure out what address u-boot gets relocated to by
the SPL (MLO? it's the same thing right?). The map file specifies the base
address at 0x80100000 but when I connect a debugger up to the target, I find
that I am executing at some offset, like FE5B000 (determined because when
I'm sitting at the u-boot shell, I know that I am at NS16550_getc and can
figure out the offset from there). That offset keeps changing because I add
or remove features from u-boot. I'd like to figure out how that offset is

Second question is it seems like only GPIO bank 0 (GPIO 0-31) is available
in u-boot. Accesses to other banks halt the processor. How do I enable
access to other banks?

Thank you for any help; I'm still learning all I can about u-boot.

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