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On 10/13/2016 03:23 PM, Aaron Williams wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm working on a eMMC/SD driver for our Thunder ARMv8 SoCs by porting the 
> MIPS driver I wrote earlier but I'm running into some issues and have some 
> comments.
> First of all, our SoC performs a number of high-level operations in hardware 
> which are not supported by the U-Boot model. The biggest issue is how we 
> handle data transfers. We do not support sending CMD12 to stop a transmission 
> and instead rely on CMD23 for multi-sector transfers. The 
> mmc_read_blocks/mmc_write_blocks functions don't work with our hardware. For 
> our Octeon SoC I basically had to replicate everything in mmc.c for our SoC 
> and replace all of the functionality. I am wondering if this is considered 
> acceptable because our hardware just does not fit the U-Boot MMC driver model 
> very well. I also ran into a lot of issues with 
> sd_send_op_cond/mmc_send_op_cond. Our SoC hardware also automatically handles 
> things like polling the status. It would be nice if most or all of the 
> functions inside mmc.c could be overridden by the driver.

If CMD12 didn't support on your SoC, it should be just used CMD23. (or just use 
only single block read/write.)
But as you mentioned, it needs to implement for your SoC..(It should be split 
to driver for yours.)
Because it's not supported on u-boot mainline.
(As i know, u-boot-mmc didn't support the pre-defined read/write about normal 

There is a problem..when error is occurred..because it can't send the stop 

Well..pre-defined concept can be applied on u-boot, but other things need to 
discuss about applying on u-boot.

I want to know how handles things like polling the status..?
If then don't need to send continuously for sd/mmc_op_cond...just return and 
waiting for completing..?

> Also, our MMC controller shows up as a PCI device but the single PCI device 
> can handle up to four MMC slots using the same registers. The probe support 
> does not allow for this. There can be multiple PCI devices as well in our 
> NUMA configurations, with one PCI device per SoC.

This also needs to make the slot concept..but slot concept should not be good 
And u-boot is running only one thread..so i think it's similar to using 4 IPs..

If you want to discuss about this more..i will check more..how we improve this. 

Anyway..I'm checking my other tasks..After finishing mine..i will reply more 

Best Regards,
Jaehoon Chung

> -Aaron

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