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>>>>> Since, it's have dts support please use pinctrl driver for pads and
>>>>> mux atleast for supporting ones.
>>>>..but for MX53 this is still missing, right ?
>>> Yes, as stated here:
>>> http://lists.denx.de/pipermail/u-boot/2016-September/268517.html
>>> I would like to add that in a second patch on top of this.
>>I think pinctrl is not taking much time as most of the generic code
>>already in at drivers/pinctrl/nxp/pinctrl-imx.c and once you did that
>>board code mostly reduced, I see a point in this sense.
> Please excuse my bad understanding, but I don't get what you mean by "I see a 
> point in this sense."
> Is it you agree to make the port in a second step. Or do you disagree and 
> want the pinctrl patch first?

Since board file as many of pad definition, I am saying better to add
pinctrl for mx5 which doesn't take much time as most of the generic
pinctrl is already there in drivers/pinctrl/nxp/pinctrl-imx.c

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