On 10/16/2016 12:17 PM, Stefan Brüns wrote:
If the parameter set is empty, the pytest setup fails:
    call: <CallInfo when='setup' exception: got empty parameter set
    ['env__dfu_config'], function test_dfu at [...]test_dfu.py:107>

This aborts pytest_runtest_makereport and later leads to an exception
during the report generation, as the call to log.start_section(...)
is never executed:
    Exception: Block nesting mismatch:
    "test_dfu[env__usb_dev_port0-env__dfu_config0]" ""

This patch causes failures with pytest 2.5 when env__dfu_configs is an empty list or not set at all. I've created an alternative patch that seems to work with both pytest 2.5 and 3, which I'll send in a minute.
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