Hey all,

It's release day and v2016.11-rc2 is out.  I've tried to clean up my
queue a bit, but I think there's still a few things I have outstanding.
And I know I need to get some changes from Alexander for EFI stuff that
I've already promised can come in.  But we should also be moving towards

So I will be picking up some Kconfig related changes and making sure we
have no (unexplained) binary size changes.

A perhaps less obvious change between -rc1 and -rc2 is that I've added
test.py running for qemu-ppce500, qemu-x86, vexpress_ca15_tc2,
vexpres_ca9x5 and integratorap_cm926ejs along with qemu-mips*.

I plan on doing -rc3 on the 31st.

Thanks all!


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