On 01/13/2017 10:36 AM, Alison Wang wrote:
On 01/13/2017 09:23 AM, Alison Wang wrote:
Am 13.01.2017 um 08:50 schrieb Alison Wang <b18...@freescale.com>:

For 64-bit kernel, there is a warning about x1-x3 nonzero in
of boot protocol. x3 should be reset to zero before jumping to the

This patch will adjust the parameters to transfer and make sure x3
is zero.

Signed-off-by: Alison Wang <alison.w...@nxp.com>
If x3 is part of the boot protocol, please treat it as function
argument rather than hard code it to 0.

[Alison Wang] I think x3 need to set to 0. Refer to the codes for the
warning in kernel,

          if (boot_args[1] || boot_args[2] || boot_args[3]) {
                  pr_err("WARNING: x1-x3 nonzero in violation of boot
"\tx1: %016llx\n\tx2: %016llx\n\tx3: %016llx\n"
                          "This indicates a broken bootloader or old
                          boot_args[1], boot_args[2], boot_args[3]);
Yes, that merely means that the kernel doesn't take 3 arguments, it
takes 4. Today args[1..3] have to be 0, but I don't want to iron that
out in u-boot code.

So in pseudo-code, what we do today is we call

    entry(dt_addr, 0, 0);

and instead we should be calling

    entry(dt_addr, 0, 0, 0);

So in U-Boot code that means we should change the prototype for our
switch function from

void armv8_switch_to_el2(u64 args, u64 mach_nr, u64 fdt_addr,
                           u64 entry_point, u64 es_flag);


void armv8_switch_to_el2(u64 args, u64 mach_nr, u64 fdt_addr,
                           u64 arg4, u64 entry_point, u64 es_flag);

and adapt the macros accordingly to use x5/x6 instead of x4/5.

[Alison Wang] I understand your meaning. Actually, I thought that method too. 
Well, my concern is that there are more changes. Not only armv8_switch_to_el2 
and armv8_switch_to_el1, all the places calling them need to change too. It may 
cause more problems. With this concern, I choose a simple way to fix this issue 

I think there'll be enough people testing Linux boot :), let's try to fix it properly right away.


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