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I have p4080ds and lauterbach(T32) hardware debugger. As known, u-boot has
written both assembly and C language. I can debug all u-boot code in
assembly language(C code also converted to assembly). However, it is hard to
follow. How can I debug u-boot C code in C language(not assembly)? What I
mean is that at the beginning there is assembly part after that whole code
is C language. I want to debug C code in C language not assembly language.
Here is my script that is enable debugging u-boot in assembly language.(I
have already load u-boot to Nor Flash). If it is not possible, I want to add
debug symbols to assembly code for linking C code. To do that what are the
requirement to rebuild uboot?

With T32 please pay attention to:

1. If the code is after or before relocation - u-boot relocates itself, so the location of debugging symbols varies.

2. The C code before relocation is rather tiny, so for 99% you would like to debug the "after" relocation part.

TO do that - please type 'bdinfo" and look into relocation offset.

This value should be added to T32's command to load symbols:

data.load.elf <elf with debugging symbols> <offset> /nocode

--------Script Start -------------------
SYStem.CPU P4080
Data.dump 0xFFFFF000--0xFFFFFFFF
--------Script End-------------------

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