On 08/09/2017 06:50 AM, Chee, Tien Fong wrote:

>>>> If this is for some FPGA loading, can this functionality be
>>>> scripted
>>>> instead?
>>> Sorry, i'm not getting you. How functionality be scripted? Could
>>> you
>>> provide some example or details explanation?
>> ie. "load" (from fs) + "fpga load" (program FPGA) commands ?
>> I think the fpga command already has some support for loading from FS
>> too.
> Currently, we already have fpga load commands in fpga driver, fpga rbf
> is loaded to memory, and programmed to fpga from memory, where memory
> location would be decided by user, it could be OCRAM or SDRAM.
> for fpga loadfs command, i plan to implement it after having complete
> boot to U-boot console, since this is quite complex and involving some
> hardware workaround issue, and some use case scenarios need to be
> considerd.

So the arria10 u-boot port is still unable to boot to console ?

> For example reconfiguring fpga with periperal rbf can
> corrupt the sdram since sdram IOs is part of the fpga periph rbf. I
> need console to run a lot different scenarios testing.


> We still need cff.c, because most functionality in cff.c are required
> by fpga loadfs command.

It seems a lot of stuff from this is common code, so why does it have to
be in this driver again ? Also, the ifdeffery is awful and the explicit
depedence on VFAT when loading from FS is real bad.

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