On 08/09/2017 09:31 AM, Marcel Ziswiler wrote:
From: Marcel Ziswiler <marcel.ziswi...@toradex.com>

Introduce a weak tegra_pcie_board_port_reset() function by default
calling the existing tegra_pcie_port_reset() function. Additionally add
a tegra_pcie_port_index_of_port() function to retrieve the specific PCIe
port index if required. This allows overriding the PCIe port reset
functionality from board specific code as e.g. required for Apalis T30
and Apalis TK1.

diff --git a/drivers/pci/pci_tegra.c b/drivers/pci/pci_tegra.c

-static void tegra_pcie_port_reset(struct tegra_pcie_port *port)
+void tegra_pcie_port_reset(struct tegra_pcie_port *port)
        unsigned long ctrl = tegra_pcie_port_get_pex_ctrl(port);
        unsigned long value;
/* pulse reset signel */
-       value = afi_readl(port->pcie, ctrl);
+       value = afi_readl(((struct tegra_pcie_port *)port)->pcie, ctrl);

You don't need to add these casts any more.
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