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> From: Suniel Mahesh <suni...@techveda.org>
> Upstream Linux has the Interrupt-parent property being removed
> from mmc, mac, lcdc and tscadc sub nodes in the dtsi file.
> Interrupt-parent property is already defined in the root node.
> Therefore, update the dtsi to mimic this change and remove duplicates.
> Signed-off-by: Suniel Mahesh <suni...@techveda.org>
> ---
> Note:
> - Compile tested on latest u-boot mainline tree no build issues.
> - commit information upstream Linux:
>   arm: dts: am33xx: Remove redundant interrupt-parent property
>   sha1: de09eb52a1cceb6f80464a008c67c7bebb242314

Can you please re-sync with that commit ID for all am33xx DTS files and
mention it (or perhaps v4.13-rc3 or so) in the commit message?  Thanks!


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