On 06.08.17 17:10, Rob Clark wrote:
Signed-off-by: Rob Clark <robdcl...@gmail.com>
Kinda works, but since we don't have an 'exit' command like grub, we
have to reboot, which leaves the "board" in a bad state (I guess,
since the next test fails).  I haven't tackled the travis bits to get
travis to download OpenBSD's bootloader, or other little details like

I think it's a very good addition to the tests - we should definitely try and test the OpenBSD bootloader as well.

Adding the travis bits to download it should be a matter of wget'ing it into the right directory.

As for the reboot - I think you only have to get yourself back to a boot prompt and check for that. That's basically what ensure_spawned() does too.


So suggestions welcome ;-)

  test/py/tests/test_efi_loader.py | 19 +++++++++++++++++++
  1 file changed, 19 insertions(+)

diff --git a/test/py/tests/test_efi_loader.py b/test/py/tests/test_efi_loader.py
index 5d7f5dbfb2..376f6442a3 100644
--- a/test/py/tests/test_efi_loader.py
+++ b/test/py/tests/test_efi_loader.py
@@ -193,3 +193,22 @@ def test_efi_grub_net(u_boot_console):
# And give us our U-Boot prompt back
+def test_efi_openbsd_net(u_boot_console):
+    """Run OpenBSD's bootloader via TFTP.
+    The bootaa64.efi file is downloaded from the TFTP server and
+    gets executed.
+    """
+    addr = fetch_tftp_file(u_boot_console, 'env__efi_loader_openbsd_file')
+    u_boot_console.run_command('bootefi %x' % addr, wait_for_prompt=False)
+    # Check that bootloader loads properly:
+    u_boot_console.wait_for('boot>')
+    # There is no exit, but there is a reboot cmd.. maybe we need to do
+    # more than this to get u-boot running again??
+    u_boot_console.run_command('reboot', wait_for_prompt=False, 

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