On 10.08.17 20:29, Rob Clark wrote:
Yes, this is super-hacky.  The FAT code is quite ugly, and this doesn't
improve things.  But it doesn't make it significantly worse either.  The
better option would be a massive FAT re-write to get rid of the hacky
way that fat_file_ls() works.  Volunteers welcome.

Signed-off-by: Rob Clark <robdcl...@gmail.com>

What concerns me the most in patch 1/15 and this patch is the limited scope. Yes, you make readdir work for FAT, but all other file systems are still unimplemented. In fact, they're even all still implementing their own hand-written ls logic.

One of the goals of the efi_loader code is to integrate with U-Boot as much as possible, to reuse code where we can. And if current interfaces are terrible, I think it's ok to just replace them for something that fits everyone's needs better.

How feasible do you think it would be to implement an ls function based on readdir and just convert all file systems to it, completely replacing the current (quite crude) ls logic?

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