Hi All,

I cloned the git tree of Wolfgang and tried compilation of 
qemu_mips_config. But the build breaks with following error:
zlib.c:31:27: error: asm/unaligned.h: No such file or directory
zlib.c: In function ‘inflate_fast’:
zlib.c:641: warning: implicit declaration of function ‘get_unaligned’
make[1]: *** [zlib.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/hschauhan/Development/u-boot/lib_generic'
make: *** [lib_generic/libgeneric.a] Error 2

I see that in include directory asm points to asm-mips. Inside asm-mips 
there is another link arch->arch-mips which is a dead link. THere is no 
directory named arch-mips there.

Whats the problem here? Should I pull only the MIPS custodian tree?


Best Regards
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