Hi all,

I have just received from ADI Engineering a MinnowBoard Turbot Quad-core 
(Baytrail E3845).
I wanted to compile bare metal U-Boot according to the README.x86 in the doc 
folder. Unfortunately the board doesn't boot and doesn't print any informations 
on the serial port. I know that also someone else have the same problem, but I 
couldn't find any solutions on internet. It look like the board doesn't load 
the correct microcode.

I got the descriptor file from the original firmware.
Then for the FSP binary I tried the one from the official Intel Github repo, 
and also the one you can download from Intelfirmware.com called FSP Gold 2014 

From the official UEFI firmware I can see the following specs:
CPU Family: 6
Model: 7
Step: 9
Microcode: 906
Sig: 0x30679
PF: 0x1

Did anybody succeeded to boot U-Boot on the new Turbot board?

Best regards,
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