On 02/02/2018 10:51 AM, Maxime Ripard wrote:


>>> Simon,
>>> This patch looks correct. But it doesn't fix NOR flash. Do you have plan
>>> to add .get_char function to other drivers? Without that function, we
>>> cannot get env variables before relocation.
>> Ehrm, sorry  I don't plan to do that, no: my target seems to run fine
>> without this.
>> Given that only the eeprom and nvram env drivers support the get_char
>> method, I don't know if this is widely used at all. Maybe a better fallback
>> would be to just remove that get_char code path totally and always load from
>> the internal (default) environment until the full environment is available
>> (after relocation).
>> After all, the environment variables loaded via get_char are not CRC checked
>> at all. To me, this is another indication that this code is not really
>> useful and should probably be removed.
> To be honest, I'm not really sure what get_char was here for in the
> first place, so getting rid of it sounds like a good idea :)

On almost all my boards, a variable hwconfig is read before relocation
to determine DDR configuration. This has been broken. I don't mind you
remove some dead code. But this is breaking almost all my boards booting
from NOR flash.

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